Saturday, April 25, 2015

Free Min Mouse Appliqué/Pin Pattern, New Releases and a Discount!

It's been a bit since I've blogged.  It's been a little hectic around here the last few weeks.  After Battle of the Stitches ended, I've been playing catch up and working on new designs.  This year, I've released a few new paid patterns, and have been working on a couple others that I'll release in June.  The pattern for this Min Mouse Appliqué/Pin is at the end of this post.

Around Christmas, while working on Round 4 of Battle of the Stitches, I started thinking about Spring and Summer and things I'd like to design.  I started the year off with updating a few of my oldest patterns and even added a new version of the A Bag Divided when my daughter asked me to make her one while I was retesting the original version.  A Bag Divided - Mini was born!  

That pattern can be found here:

And then there was the Spring Lace Bolero pattern.  It can be made as a stand alone bolero, or you can make the coordinating tunic or dress, also included in the pattern, to go with it.
This pattern can be found here:

In May, we will be on vacation.  We are all super excited about it!  We've decided that, in stead of celebrating each anniversary and each birthday individually this year, we are combining them all into one and taking a three week vacation to Florida to visit family and friends.  Part of our time there will be spent on a Disney Cruise, which will be a super awesome experience for us all!  We've never been on a cruise, so we are really looking forward to this.  It's been more than a year of paying for and saving for this vacation.  So, for those that have purchased patterns, THANK YOU!  You've aided in this monumental trip for us.  We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month, we sail on Mother's Day, our daughter turns 5 on the cruise, my MIL's birthday is less than a week before the cruise....we truly have much to celebrate as a family!

In planning for the cruise and thinking about all of the things we needed to get, I decided it would probably be best, and cheapest, to make what I could.  Of course, that meant more patterns for you!  :)

First, I needed a bag that could be easily washed if it needed to be and big enough to carry a towel and swim suit and sun screen, and, well, everything I would need during the day so I wouldn't need to return to the room several times a day.  I wanted something slightly nautical, and, so, the Rolling Waves Carryall made its debute!  I love this bag!  It's roomy and durable.  The shoulder strap is comfortable and reinforced with rope so it doesn't stretch out under the weight of a fully loaded bag.  
(Thank you to my MIL for modeling this for me!) The pattern can be found here:

While working on my bag design, I also began working on Battle of the Stitches Round 5.  I was not a challenger, but as one of the Admin, I get to create a design using the same theme and stitch as the challengers to include in the eBook with the challenger designs.  The theme was On the Wings of Spring.  So, I designed a spring duster for my daughter which can be worn as a layering piece over her favorite outfit, or, made in cotton, makes a perfect swim suit cover up.  Add the matching sun hat, and she's ready for the beach (or to save the day in the back yard)!
The Flutterbye Spring Duster pattern, which includes the matching sun hat, can be found here:

Since my daughter is turning 5 while we are on the cruise, she asked if I would make her a princess dress.  I couldn't see her wearing a heavy crocheted princess dress comfortably for very long, so I went a slightly different route.  Instead, she ended up with a Snow White inspired summer outfit.  
This is one very happy Little Princess!  :) I started designing this in the fall, but, of course, held off testing it until the weather was more appropriate.  That gave me plenty of time to make tweaks and add several other coordinating pieces.  This two piece outfit bloomed into what is now a 9 piece collection of 3 tops and 6 bottoms that can be mixed and matched to create a summer wardrobe fit for a princess!  Here are four of the pieces:
Shorts and halter top. 
 Skort and halter top.
 Skort and princess top.
 Shorts and princess top.
This princess top, halter top, skort and shorts are just four of the nine pieces that can be made in any size using your choice of yarn and hook.  It's been available for less than 24 hours, and it's already my most popular pattern to date!  You can find the Little Princess Summer Wardrobe here:

If you prefer Craftsy to Ravelry, you can find all of these patterns there, also:

If you've made it this far, I have a special treat just for you!  From now until May 15, enjoy 25% off your entire purchase, no minimums, in my Ravelry shop with coupon code BLOGER415 at checkout.

This last week, I decided to make myself a Minnie Mouse inspired pin to accessorize with while on the cruise.  Because a couple of fans wanted the pattern, I decided to share it here for free!

Min Mouse Appliqué/Pin

You will need: a small amount of black yarn (I used I Love This Cotton), a scrap of red yarn, a crochet hook (I used H), a pin back (a safety pin would work in a pinch), a hot glue gun, and puff paint if you want to write on yours (completely optional), and a fork with four tines, a yarn needle, and scissors.


Using the fork and red yarn, thread about 2" of yarn between second and third tines and hold in place with your thumb.
Wrap red yarn around all four tines ten times and thread tail between second and third tines in the opposite direction as the first tail.
Bring tails together at the front center of the wrapped yarn and tie a tight knot.
Trim tails and remove from fork. Set aside.

Ears (make 2):

With black yarn and hook, ch 2
R1: in second ch from hook, hdc 6 (6), do not join
R2: hdc 2 in each st around (12), sc in next st, sl st in next st
Leaving a long tail for sewing, fasten off, cut starting tail to 1/4" (or weave in if you prefer)

Plug in glue gun so it will be ready to use.

With black yarn and hook, ch 2
R1: in second ch from hook, hdc 6 (6), do not join
R2: hdc 2 in each st around (12), do not join
R3: *hdc in next st, hdc 2 in next st*, repeat from * to * around (18), sc in next st, sl st in next st
Fasten off, cut starting tail to about 1/4" (or weave in if you prefer) and weave in ending tail.

1. Using tan needle, sew first ear to head near where you wove in your tail across three sts, weave in tail so that ear is securely in place.
2. Skipping two sts between the ears, sew second ear to head in the same way.
3. Lay work so that the cut tails are facing down on your work space.
4. Glue bow in place between the ears and let cool for a minute.
5. Flip work so that the bow is facing down.
6. Use a small amount of glue and glue cut tails down. (If using as an appliqué, skip step 7)
7. Apply a liberal amount of glue to the pin back and press the pin back where desired to the back of your work.
8. Leave your work to allow all glue to fully cool and dry (5-10 min).
9. Use puff paint or glitter glue to decorate if desired (I'm going to put a "5" on it for my daughter to wear on her birthday).
10. Wear as desired!  Don't forget to snap a photo and share it on my Facebook wall!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Battle of the Stitches: Round 5: Who Done It & Who Won It???

Battle of the Stitches: Round 5: Who Done It & Who Won It???

Battle of the Stitches Round 5 has come to an end!  Did you catch all o the fun and amazing designs this round?  Well, you can find out which designer created your favorite design in the "Who Done It & Who Won It?" blog post (link above).  And, if that isn't reason enough to go check it out, the eBook is now available for purchase a day ahead of schedule!  <3

This ebook includes all 10 battle designs PLUS 4 bonus designs (one from each of the admins and an exclusive, only available in the eBook, never to be released anywhere else, pattern from one of the challengers)!  Here is a little peak at the bonus pattern I designed.  It's a swim suit cover up or a duster (or tunic) length vest to be worn with your favorite spring outfit.  The eBook will include child sizes small, medium and large, and I will be working on teen/adult sizes to release this summer.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Swirly Whirly Update!

Preemie/Doll size by Little Luvies Shop (c)2015
Basic hat with Swirly Whirly Flower by Little Luvies Shop (c) 2015
The Swirly Whirly Hat has been updated!  Not only does the pattern have a different look, the pattern is also worked differently to make it easier to follow.  New embellishments have been added (previously, it only included a star)...two sizes of stars, two sizes of hearts, a leaf, the firecracker fuse/apple stem, three different flowers, and Christmas ornaments.  The previous version was specifically intended to be a patriotic firecracker hat.  The updated pattern includes instructions for many variations of the hat...firecracker, Valentine, pumpkin, apple, and bumble bee, to name a few.  It even includes the most often requested Christmas Tree.  Preemie/Doll size has also been added to the updated pattern, were before it included 0-3mo to Adult sizes.  In one pattern, you will get the basic hat pattern, 11 embellishments, and instructions for 8 additional fun variations.  The at works up quickly.  An adult size basic hat can be made in just a couple hours for an average paced hooker.  While the pattern includes 8 variations, I'm sure there are many more you could come up with.  Let your imagination run wild with it!

This weekend only (until midnight CST Sunday night), you can pick up your copy of the pattern for 50% off when you use coupon code RERELEASE2 at checkout on Ravelry.

When I originally designed this hat in 2012, Crafting Friends Designs designed the Swirly Whirly Sundress to coordinate with it.  The set is so cute together! 
You can find the dress patterns here:  Infant/Toddler, Child

Below are photos of the many variations included in the pattern.

Apple for the Teacher by Little Luvies Shop (c)2012

Basic hat by Courtney Crochets (c)2015

Cupcake by Denise Grimm (c)2015

Firecracker by Little Luvies Shop (c)2012

Bumble Bee by Crazy Hookers Crochet Creations (c)2015

Christmas Tree (top view) by Dsey Designs (c)2015

Christmas Tree by Dsey Designs (c)2015

Valentine by Three Angels Crochet (c)2015

Basic hat by Melonie Jones (c) 2015

Floppy Sun Hat by Noelle Christensen (c)2015

Pumpkin by Little Luvies Shop (c)2012